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Calm & Collected

Restorative herbs like lemon balm, tulsi, chamomile and lavender can help ease stress, relax the body and help calm the mind.

Anise seed, lemon peel and marshmallow root bring this formulas together for a floral cup of calm.

Calm & Collected

Summer Skin Essentials


Green Mountain -First Aid Salve-

Herbal salves are a wonderful topical for healing the beautiful skin you are in! They are great to keep in the first aid kit, in your to-go bag, or your purse for everything!

First Aid Salve

Your Go-To Mineral SPF

Nourish your skin with this nutrient rich herbal sun balm to support skin health. Instead of chemically changing your skin to not burn, our solar shield uses non-nano zinc oxide to act as a mineral barrier and plants to support SPF. An SPF equivalent of about 20, water resistant, and nearly 100% absorbent. No white residue!

Promote skin healing & vitality.

Calendula is very soothing to dry irritated skin, sunburns, rashes and sore muscles. Great for an everyday oil after bath or shower, to nourish the skin and renowned for supporting burns, wound healing and skin irritations.

Drop into a Rose Garden with this hydrosol for heart opening and skin healing.

Soothe the soul with this herbal blend to help calm and restore the nervous system.

Minerals, Minerals, Minerals

Deeply Nourish

Mineralicious Oxymel

Formulated to support cellular re-mineralization & healing.Perfect for a daily pick me up for energy, mineral nourishment and parents.

Kiddos will love this one too, and you can think of it as their herbal multi-vitamin!


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Mountain Song, bringing us all home again.

Mountain song is for the land, it's for the people, it's for the plants and animals that call us back home here in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I’m now hearing the song of the land and am going forth with a mountain song with the intention of being a living echo of the roots of the land. In a relationship, in its truest sense.

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Mountain song was born out of deep connection to this land, and all the unseen and seen beings that inhabit it.

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